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Lightweight  River Rescue Throw Bag
  • Lightweight River Rescue Throw Bag

    Lightweight throw bag specifically designed with the pack rafter in mind.




    • New Zealand made rope
    • Velcro closures maximize space inside the bag and allow quick closure.
    • Cone shape specifically designed to allow fast and easy re-packing.
    • 12-14 meter poly pro or spectra  rope (6 mm rope diameter)
    • Loops for attaching to waist belt.
    • Weight: 350g


    Available in two options: 


    1. Spectra core with high visibility floating polypro outer. Breaking strain of over 4000 pounds. The rope is 14 meters long. 


    2. Polypro rope with a breaking strain of 1500 pounds and measures 12 meters long. 


      PriceFrom $99.00