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Blue Duck Pack Rafting In New Zealand From The Whataroa Icelake To The Whataroa River On The West Coast




Our mission is simple - inspire, educate & provide the highest quality pack-rafting gear for beginners to extremists across New Zealand and Australia.



My name is Barny Young. I'm passionate about helping people make the most of outdoor adventure and excited to be part of the rapidly growing pack-rafting culture in New Zealand & Australia. 

I have been chasing whitewater adventure for over fifteen years and have completed expeditions globally - in a kayak. In 2019, Kokopelli (USA) sent me a pack-raft to try out (the Nirvana Self-bailer). I was dubious at first, thinking it wouldn't hold up to class IV, but I was pleasantly surprised at how capable, durable and fun it was. I started incorporating pack-rafting into my adventures more and more and learnt how easy it is to embrace the sport with New Zealand's natural backyard. The options are endless, even for those with zero whitewater experience. I quickly became inspired to launch Packraft New Zealand.

Packrafts unlock your adventure potential because the lightweight yet durable design allows you to walk to the start of almost any desired put-in and adds a new dimension to hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, canyoneering, travel, jet boating, marine and more. 

Explore alpine lakes, coral reefs, rivers (up to class IV) and lagoons. Access new fishing, hunting, biking or climbing spots, cross rivers that would otherwise be dangerous on foot, float your animal out after a successful hunt and take them hiking with you. 

Packrafts are also the perfect tool for someone to be introduced to a whitewater environment in a more forgiving and stable structure than a kayak. 

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