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Adjustable Four Piece Carbon Wing Paddle
  • The Excalibur Four-Piece Carbon Wing Paddle

    Packraft New Zealand's Carbon Adjustable 4-Piece Wing Paddle (205-215cm)


    Unleash your spirit of adventure with Packraft New Zealand's latest offering, the Carbon Adjustable 4-Piece Wing Paddle. Tailored to meet the demands of touring and adventure racing, this paddle is a perfect blend of strength, functionality and style.


    The paddle's length can be adjusted between 205-215cm, allowing you to customize it according to your comfort and needs. The four-piece design ensures easy storage and transport, making it an ideal companion for all your packrafting or kayaking trips.


    Constructed from a unique carbon weave, the paddle offers durability whilst weighing in at just 740g. 


    The blade measures 49 cm by 17 cm, offering an ideal surface area for efficient paddling without causing excessive strain on your arms. The shape of the blade is designed to ensure smooth entry and exit from the water, minimizing splash and noise.