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Pack Raft New Zealand Kokopelli Emergency Repair Kit


The Emergency Patch Kit is designed to make field-repair a breeze and to get you back home no matter what. Unlike other quick or emergency patch kits that only have a layer of urethane and the adhesive, the Nylon-Kevlar weave provides structural strength so your patch will last far longer even in the worst of conditions.

The emergency patches are also great if you want to add extra material to your packraft in specific areas. For example, if you hook your boat every time you go fishing, your dog has claws like a wolverine, you’re on the river eight days a week, you live at the local whitewater park, you are habitually abusing certain parts of your packraft based on your unique adventures, or you have the luck of the dinosaurs, reinforcing your packraft is probably a good idea.

The patches work on ALL TPU coated surfaces.


    • 2x Sidewall Material
    • 1x Floor Material
    • 1x Scrapper
    • 2x Alcohol Swab
    • 1x Waterproof Tube